Hard Work Beats Luck Everytime


Have Fun and Stay Strong


What If I Dont Want To Workout?


Alright i admit, sometimes working out isnt the most simple task so here is a list of simple alteratives.

1 Walks
2 Climbing gyms
3 Trip to the Playground
4 Wrestle with the kids
5 Take the stairs
6 Race your friends
7 Dance it out
8 Go to the zoo
9 Replace your chair with a stationary bike
10 Clean hardcore
11 Play tag
12 Ditch the car, get a bike or walk
13 Learn an instrument

This is  a short list but these are good ways to get fit without actually working out! There are a million other ways go out and see what you can find!!!!!!

Have Fun and Stay Strong

Get Fit Four Minutes


The newest workout trend. Tabata training . This will change your life. Not because it will get you thin faster than anything(it will), its not because it will build more muscle in four minutes than you could do in a half an hour at the gym ( because it will) its because it will teach you how to push yourself through anything. When you are on round three but can’t feel your legs anymore knowing you still have five rounds left you push through the pain and reach new levels of aweso,e.

Ok, so what is tabata ?

It is 4 minutes of hell.

20 seconds of work

10 seconds of rest

8 rounds.

Then you die.

If done right it will hurt like hell but this will also be one of the best workouts you have ever had, you will burn more calories , get more lean muscle, and get a better cardio workout then you ever thought you could.

Top exercises for tabata training

Sprints – sprints are a full body workout, it works every muscle youve got. 

Squats- tabata squats are as close to running as you can grt standing still. If done right you never lose that spring in your step.

Jump rope- this exercise is surprisingly difficult. Its a great full body workout that can be done at any fitness level.

Push ups- this is the only upper body pressing exercise you will ever need. Dont believe me? Do a tabata workout with push ups, if your arms still work at the end you did it wrong.

Pull ups- this is an amazing workout. You work your biggest upper body muscles, the delts, you get your biceps huge and lets face it, guy or girl, some muscles in your arms feels great ! You will get an amazing core workout. You WILL get good abs if you do tabata pull ups regularly.

Ok, how do I orginize a tabata workout?

Beginner tabata: pick a different exercise for each round

Intermiediate tabata : alternate between a few different exercises

Expert tabata: use the same exercise each round and reap the benefits

Have Fun and Stay Strong

Easy As 1 2 3


Here are the last three exersices you will ever need. Pull Up. Push Up. Squat. These three exercises will not only work ever single muscle in your body and help burn fat but you will become stronger than you ever thought possible.

Three exercies? How could it get any easier?

The question you are asking now. How can it happen when every magizine says you need to hit the biceps from three different angles and do your reps in a 10 8 6 method then alternate with a 5×5 . Why make this complicated?

Hell no, keep it simple. Work up to 4  sets of a 10 for each exercise. Then, once you can do do this with these three exersices you will be in phenominal shape and super healthy, you will feel amazing and be super ripped.

Lets say you hit that mark and want to make it more tough? Close it up. With your pull ups put about 3 inches between your hands. With push ups make your hands touch and when you squat make sure your feet are close together. You will make massive gains in size and strength!!!


Have Fun and Stay Strong

No Dream is Too Crazy


The only thing stopping you from succeeding is you. You want something, go get it. Do you want to bench press 500 lbs? You arnt gonna do it unless you give it everything you’ve got, get in the gym and press like hell (Id say every other day with reps between 3 and 10, but thats for another post.) Do you want to run a marathon? There are few better literal translations to “Do it one step at a time” than running a marathon. A lot of it is running, yes but make sure you research as well or its just not gonna happen, eating habits, training programs, etc. Give it everything you have. Do you want to do 100 push ups in a row? Start with 5. Do 5 everyday and add 2 a week and you will be there in less than a year, and at very most it will take 5 minutes.

Most goals are so easily acheived if all you did was take steps toward them. The old saying goes “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” So, whats stopping you? Most likely fear, you are scared of change or scared of this or that. Why? Whats the reason behind the fear? Fear helps no one. Ask yourself why you are afraid and then visualize yourself in 3 months time if you did commit. That second image is looking pretty sweet huh? If you do nothing else today, take one step toward your goal, whether thats research a website, plan a workout with a friend or even going to the gym. Do it, it is worth it.

Have Fun and Stay Strong